AIR is a 2000 capacity superclub located in Digbeth, Birmingham in the UK. AIR originally started out life as a spray shop for busses, when in 2000 the building was brought by Godskitchen and converted into a club, originally named CODE. In 2003 CODE had a complete refit and was renamed AIR, with an extra room of music being added to the two already in use. The club features state of the art lighting and sound systems and in addition to Saturday nights Godskitchen AIR has hosted parties by Helter Skelter Rave, Babooshka, Polysexual, Hardcore `till I Die and Atomic Jam.

AIR is situated in an area of Digbeth synonymous with club culture, the "Custard Factory Quarter", named after the nearby Custard Factory, a centre for music and arts. Adjacent to the Custard Factory is the Sanctuary Nightclub (formely the Digbeth Institute), the original home of Godskitchen.


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