Afterhour clubs in general refers to nightclubs which are open past the designated curfew for clubs which serve alcohol. Such clubs must cease serving alcohol at the designated time, but have special permission to remain open to customers and to sell non-alcoholic sodas and (typically) high-caffeine drinks.

Afterhours clubs are popularly known as centers of third-party illegal drug trade, as well as other related insomniac or late-hour party activity. Such clubs can be found in many places but probably everywhere in Europe and North America on slightly different formulas.

Quebec, Canada Edit

Because alcohol curfew is at 3 am, and the minimum age can go as low as 16 years old Laval, Quebec, afterhours clubs have become established part of the permanent rave scene, and the average opening time is from 2am to 10am.

They are also "afterafter clubs" such as Urgence which are opened from 10am to 8pm. Afterafter clubs are mostly frequented by people coming out of afterhour clubs and cannot sleep because of amphetamines.

List of Quebec Afterhour clubs and Afterafter clubs Edit

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