The term go-go bar refers to a nightclub, bar, or similar establishment that features scantily dressed, topless or fully nude Go-Go dancers. They are usually characterized by poorly lit interior. Go-go bars are generally old corner bars that have been renovated and outfitted with a stage and a dressing area.

The term "go-go" (also "go go" or "gogo") refers to the retro/club music that the performers sometimes dance to.

These bars can cover a wide range of businesses, from nightclubs or discothèques, where dancers are essentially there to set the mood, to what are in essence burlesque theaters or strip clubs, where dancers are part of a show and the primary focus.

In North America, go-go bars are considered lower in class when compared to Gentlemen's Clubs, which offer a more coordinated and show-centric experience. In a go-go bar:

  • Champagne Court. No champagne courts.
  • Dress Code. Dress codes are more lax for both patrons and performers.
  • Staging. There are no staging, choreography, or special effects considerations.
  • House mothers. A house mother monitors activity and assists performers in the dressing area.
  • Features. Feature performers usually do not perform at go-go bars.

Go-go bars are particularly prominent in Thailand and some other Asian countries and are popular as venues for prostitution, and the dancers are often available to be bar fined by customers.

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