Eivissa or Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea, and belonging to Spain.

Eivissa is a very popular tourist destination, especially due to its legendary riotous nightlife (mainly in Ibiza Town, the island's capital on the eastern shore). The most famous clubs include Privilege (the world's largest club which holds the weekly event known worldwide as Manumission on Monday nights), Es Paradis (famous for its water parties), Amnesia (famous for its foam parties and what goes on there), Space (opens at around 8AM) and Pacha. Ibiza is also famous for Café del Mar, a chill spot in Sant Antoni de Portmany where many people watch the sunset every night.

Privilege Ibiza


There also exists a genre of trance music named for Ibiza dubbed Balearic Beat, similarly to the way Goa trance is named for Goa, India. The style tries to reflect the atmosphere of Ibiza, and listeners often say they can see a Mediterranean sunset when they hear its euphoric, uplifting melodies. The atmosphere is brought on with the use of synthesized string instruments, the sound of waves, mandolins and guitars, and wispy vocals. Popular tracks in this genre include:

  • Seven Cities by Solar Stone
  • Offshore by Chicane
  • Beachball by Nalin & Kane

Mike Oldfield, a prominent British musician, owned a house on Ibiza, where he worked on a couple of his albums. After being exposed to the vibrant dance scene, he gradually incorporated dance-like elements into his subsequent works, such as Tubular Bells III.

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