La Boom is a well-decorated night-club with two floors at Daimlerstrasse 67 in Leingarten, Germany. It has two floors: one large equipped with a laserlight-show and a small one. In the large club, there is as unique speciality a ventilator under the ground, which allows some special effects like a free-floating ball and which also produces funny effects at foam parties. Such effects are quite rare in nightclubs.


La Boom was inaugaurated in 1988 as hard rock discotheque "Rockpark". In 1993 its name changed to "Styx" and in 1994 it closed for several years, because of missing guests. In 1996 it reopened under the name "La Boom". It was until 1999 a well visited night club with mixed music and excellent reputation. Unfortunately things changed rapidly in 2000 after Rap was played in order to make it attractive for teenagers. In 2002 La Boom changed again its owner. It was transformed in a night club with Russian music. One year later, in December 2003 someone tried to set fire attack on the building, when it was closed. Fortunately the damages, which occured were small and repaired in a few days.


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