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Mooseheads, a bar and nightclub which opened in Canberra, Australia in 1990. Mooseheads is located in the Sydney Building, on London Circuit in the central Canberra region of Civic. Mooseheads claims to be the longest-established bar and night club in Civic. [1]

Mooseheads was opened in September 1990, making it one of the longest-running nightclubs in Civic. Mooseheads has a downstairs bar with pool tables, and an upstairs nightclub. There is often a cover charge to get in to the nightclub. Mooseheads is very popular with ADFA and ANU students.

Mooseheads fire Edit

On July 19th 2002, a fire destroyed the club. The fire began in the bar at about 4am, while more than 100 people were in the club. Despite the efforts of the owner who tried to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, the blaze continued. The roof of the club collapsed shortly after people left the building. Police and fire crews arrived at the club at 4.14 am, and fire crews were called in from all over Canberra. They were able to contain the fire, but it was too late to save the nightclub.

Mooseheads re-opened two years later, on July 22nd 2004.

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