I have no problem with sex, I have no problem with 'Gays', I have no problem with those who cannot do without sex. I do, however, have a problem with those people who would have sex in a public venue, ie Nightcub...Studio54! What the hell were the Police in the region thinking about? A Hooker, Street Walker, Prostitute or whatever you'd like to name them, are systematically arrested, charged & fined for 'soliciting', but it's ok for the 'high fallutin' to cavort on the balcony of a Nightcub and have what is commonly called a 'sex orgy', WITHOUT ANY INTERFERENCE FROM ANYONE

The next thing we hear, is the glorification of Studio54 and how wonderful it was and how many 'Celebrities' graced the place with their presence, and all the drug taking and fornication went completely ignored

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