A strip club is a nightclub or bar that specializes in striptease. Striptease performers are called exotic dancers, or the slang strippers.

These clubs employ two main types of dancer: feature dancers and house dancers. House dancers work for a particular club or franchise. Feature dancers tend to have their own celebrity, and travel from club to club, making feature appearances. Porn stars often earn extra income as feature dancers, thus allowing them to build upon their fan base.

Establishments at the high-end of the business are known as gentlemen's clubs.

Patrons are encouraged to tip dancers while on stage, and are generally offered private lap dances by the dancers between their sets.

In several regions of the US, primarily due to the local legal restrictions, strip clubs often fall into one of two categories: Topless cocktail bars (also known as Go-Go bars) and Fully nude. In general, fully nude clubs are forbidden to serve alcohol, whereas clubs that offer only topless entertainment are usually permitted to do so. Sometimes a fully nude establishment may operate as a 'bottle club', allowing patrons to bring their own alcohol onto the premises, though again this depends on local legal restrictions.

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