Studio 2 is a small discotheque with two floors at Mühlwiesenstrasse, Bietigheim-Bissingen. In Studio 2, which has two floors, house and hip hop music is plaid.

Home of "wall dance"Edit

At Studio 2 the dance pole is close to the wall, which allows pushing up on it and dancing with the feet at the wall. This is often done by many mostly male visitors of this club, which often make also inofficial contests who can dance longest on the wall and who makes the best show. Although many people like this "wall dance" either as spectator or as participant, it is illegal, because this it is not undangerous and it damages the roughcast of the wall. In fact many persons were ejected because of this from Studio 2. But it is still practiced and spectators warn nowadays wall dancers, if someone from the security staff enters the club.


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