The End is a nightclub in the West End district of London, England. Started in 1995 by the DJs Mr. C, Layo Paskin and Matthew "Bushwacka" B, The End is renowned as one of the best "superclubs" in London.

Musical genres played there include techno, house, and tech-house on Saturday nights; drum and bass and Nu-Skool breakbeats on Friday night; and a truly eclectic mix on Monday's "Trash" night. The End also hosts other nights throughout the week.

Famously, the musical genre tech-house was invented at The End. However, owner Mr. C denies this is the case.

The End also has its own record label, End Recordings, which releases records from various tech-house DJs including the owners of the club.

The End will close its doors on Feb 2009

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