The King Street Run is a famous pub crawl in Cambridge in the UK. It takes place along King Street. Students would often try to complete the run in the quickest time. The current record is unknown. The King Street Run is also the name of one of the pubs to be visited on the crawl.

In 1900 there were said to be up to thirteen pubs on the route but some have been demolished or closed since World War I. As a result completing the run is now much easier than it used to be.

The pubsEdit

The pubs to be visited (a pint in each) are:

The Cambridge ArmsEdit

The Cambridge Arms was popular among the Heavy Metal and Rock communities in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Due to its proximity to the Cambridge Corn Exchange many famous musicians would be spotted there relaxing between their soundcheck and showtime for which it became famous. The pub had two bars, a heated courtyard and a small basement. It was also popular with the biker community.

In 1997 it was renamed "The Rattle and Hum", borrowing the tile of U2's album Rattle and Hum. Following a refit in 2004, the pub reopened as the "Cambridge Arms". It remains a popular pub in Cambridge.

The Bun ShopEdit

The Bun Shop was formerly The King's Arms.

The King Street Run PAULS PUBEdit

The King Street Run is a pub named after the run itself. The pub has two levels with a bar downstairs and it is noted for having tables stuck to the ceiling and for the handles on the toilet doors being stuck on on the wrong side, to confuse newcomers. The pub is very popular with the heavy metal and gothic comunities in Cambridge.

The Champion of the ThamesEdit

The Champion of the Thames is one of the smaller pubs in Cambridge. The pub takes its name from the historical associations of the Boat Race which takes place between Oxford and Cambridge.

The pub is mentioned in Tom Sharpe's novel Porterhouse Blue in which it is said to be character Scullion's favourite pub. Tom Sharpe changes the name to The Thames Boatman in his novel.

St RadegundEdit

St Radegund is named after the sixth century saint, Radegund.

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