Toast is a nightclub in the Civic Centre of Canberra. It opened in mid 2002, with Bryan Fitzpatrick as manager.

It holds the regular music clubnights Ug Beats, and Lithium.

Ug Beats is a regular club night, which was started by Alistair Erskine (DJ Alistair), Rhys Bower and Tim Ruyg (Timbokchoy) in winter of 2002, originally at Areebar (later named The Church Bar), but relocated to its current surrounds when the music policy of its former home changed. The change from The Church to Toast initially saw lower attendences, but in time the following grew to even greater numbers. Its past and present resident DJ's have included Mezla, Bec Paton, Miss Universe, Jemist, Pornstylus and Radge.

Currently it is one of Canberra's most popular club nights and now into its 5th year, possibly making it one of the longest running club nights as well. The Ug Beats crew is currently marvelling at the popularity of their newly set up Ug Beats MySpace Page, especially amongst angsty 16 year old teenagers.

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