Underneath the Arches was the venue at which the aba daba company performed during the nineties. Some of their productions included "Road to Casablanca" by Aline Waites, Robin Hunter and David Kelsey (Bing and Bob find themselves in Rick's Bar),"Put that Light Out" (World War Two) as well as "Gone With the Wind* (2)" by Aline Waites, Robin Hunter and David Kelsey - already performed at the Pindar, the Water Rats and various other venues in England and the States "Fanny's Revenge" (music by Jeff Clarke)previously performed at the Canal Cafe, the Water Rats and Avenue Act One, Auburn, Washington. "London Pride" produced in London, France, Germany, Canada and the United States. Pantomimes included "Beauty and the Bat" "Me and My Puss" "Dorothy's Swansong" "The Thief of Baghdad" "Robin Hood and Mad Marion" All shows written by Aline Waites and Robin Hunter. Musical Directors David Wykes and Grant Hossack.

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